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Download Film Indonesia Kembalinya Nenek Gayung (2013)

Kembalinya Nenek Gayung (2013)

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 98 MinView: 2,485 views

Download Film Indonesia Kembalinya Nenek Gayung (2013) –  Brandon (Kevin Julio), a rising and arrogant young actor, insulted the figure of Grandma Gayung. Since then, Brandon has been haunted by the presence of Grandma Gayung. In a state of fear, Brandon came to Boim (Yadi Sembako) and Abas (Joe Richard) who had experience with Grandma Gayung. They are looking for Mbah Shaman Bolot. From Mbah Dukun, it was learned how to let go of the curse of Grandma Gayung, namely by taking a bath in seven wells using a dipper from Grandma Gayung. Apparently, it’s not that easy. After they managed to steal Grandma Gayung’s dipper in his grave, now Grandma Gayung was even bothered to chase them all.

Cast: , ,
Language: Bahasa indonesia

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